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Silver Lining Herbal Equine Supplements Testimonial

Thank you to Silver Lining Herbs and Cindy Mcdougal

Here is my story.

I have a black Rocky Mountain gelding that I have had since he was a baby. Life was good for him up until the summer of his two-year-old year. For some reason he broke out in hives from head to toe. Everything we tried to treat him with didn’t work. From anti-histamines to steroids the hives persisted. They got so bad they swelled up the size of soft balls and broke open and got infected. Slowly the hives ran their course and we started him on a mild steroid called prednisolon just to help him along. I had an allergy test done on him and he was basically allergic to being a horse. Oats, alfalfa, timothy, corn pollen, black flies, and the list goes on and on. The vets called him “bubble boy.” Winter came and went and he did fine I thought it was just a freak thing the first time, but July rolled around in his three year old year and once again the hives came back. Not as bad as the first time but they were still there. He was on a steroid all summer long and it seemed to be okay, I showed him he won all was good.

November of 2006 came around and for some reason the horse started drooling. We assumed he ate something that he was allergic to and his mouth was swelling because of it. No biggie we put him on the steroid and he got better. Well then it just stopped working and his tongue started to swell and he was having trouble swallowing so we went to a bigger steroid. That worked he started to get better and was eating and putting weight back on. But then everything took a turn for the worse. He went completely down. I Hauled him to the vet they couldn’t figure out what was going on. By the time I would get him to the clinic he would be perky and normal. We played this game for about two weeks. Finally I had had enough, and left him at the clinic for a week and then they saw how he would be fine and then in minutes he would turn for the worse. So finally I got to take him to an emergency clinic. The horse had grade four hemorrhaging ulcers!!!!!! His kidneys and liver had both shut down he was ready to die. So we started him on the gasto-guard treatment and he was better in about a week. I did that for 40 days costing almost $2000.00 for the drugs alone. Not including all the emergency care charges, the trips to the vet and time. Life was good he got better had him re-scoped for ulcers 40 days later and he was about 95% healed at the end of January. A much better outcome than was predicted.

In March I had him rechecked to make sure that he was still healing, at this time he was still on a half dose of gastro guard for another $2000.00 in drugs. Well, the ulcers were back. I knew he wasn’t feeling that well before I had him scoped so I was expecting it. He graded out at a 2 this time for the ulcers. Well at this point the gastro guard was not working and the horse had a pretty bleak outcome. It was either put him down or turn him out to pasture for a year and see what happends. If we turned him out on pasture there was a very good chance he would be living day to day with sever pain from the ulcers. This was not a good enough answer for me. A friend of mine gave me the number for Cindy with silver lining herbs. At this point I was willing to try anything. Cindy was sure she could get the horse feeling better but she thought I may have to give him the summer off. We started him on the LCR and the infection fighter. Well with in a week he had color back in his gums, he was not sucked up in the belly and more and he was alert again in his eye. It didn’t stop here. By three weeks into the herb program I was on his back riding him again!!!!!! Light work for a while but after 6 weeks into the program he was back in full training!!! Now it is June and we just got back from our first show and I received 7 blue ribbons on him!!!!!! He is back in full force. He has never looked as healthy as he does now. Shiny coat, good feet, long mane and tail, and the list goes on.

I just want to thank Cindy so much for hooking me up with these wonderful herbs!!!
And getting my horse back to show condition!!!!!!!!!

Jesse with her Rocky Mountain Gelding
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