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Future Stallion

Welcome to the page for the future stallion of Heart Mountain Horses!

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"Comet's Total Image", "Brick"

Now you want to talk about "Eye Candy", I never get tired of watching this exquisite stallion. He is a true pleasing beauty! This guy takes the prize, as his disposition is the best I have ever experienced in my lifetime. This friendly guy greets me every day at the end of the driveway when I come home from work, which is a real treat. I did all of his training, and what a delightful experience he made it. You show him how to do something once and he has it! He looks forward to each day he spends with me, and I cannot help but feel the same. This is a once in a life time horse. His dam is an old time mountain horse. I specifically searched for this mare to produce, what I had envisioned, to be the perfect son of Comet. I have been told by many customers that I reached that bench mark with this stallion. Oh yes, he gaits! Oh boy, can he gait! It is always amazes me to watch Brick do his old fashioned ambling gait (received from his dam) everywhere he goes.

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