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Horses For Sale

Check out this awesome list of horses that are currently for sale.

Hart's China Doll

Double registered RMHA/KMSHA may 2006 filly!
This gorgeous doll is not only a pretty filly, she is a sweet heart! She has a sensible mind, and is a delightful horse to handle. She learns quickly, and is very willing. Her maternal half-sister is a 2006 RMHA International Grand Champion Trail Pleasure horse; “South Forty’s Francesca”. China Doll has the looks and gait to be an International champion herself.
Sire: Johnson’s Toby bred, and Dam is daughter of Yankee.
Click on pedigree to view a copy of her papers.
Price: $5,500 SOLD

Comet's Golden Glory

This two year old palomino filly is sweet, sweet, sweet. She is kind and intelligent, yet soft and easy to handle. Gorgeous head, well balanced body, short back, big laid back shoulder, this girl can really use her self well. Very pretty to look at, has nice gait, and balanced carriage. She is a daughter of The Comet and out of a daughter of Maple Squirrel.
Price: $4,000 SOLD

Hart's Magnificent Magnolia

This filly is truly as fine as they come. She has stylish gait with natural balance. Her personality is to die for! She loves to be with you, and will come running from the pasture to join up. Her sire is a son of one of the Greatest Stallions alive today, (Choco Doc), “Pence’s Blue Boy”. Her dam is a daughter of a son of Maple Squirrel. Her conformation is absolutely perfect. She is the popular chocolate color that everyone seeks to own.
Price: $2,500 SOLD
Congratulations to Erica Flegg, from the UK, on the purchase of this fabulous filly.

Gunter's Midnight

A 13 year old Smokey black mare, bred to The Comet “Buckskin Stallion”. She has a 25% chance of producing a perlino foal. and a 75% chance of producing a buckskin foal. Mindy has a tremendously smooth gait with a good driving hind end.
Producing nice babies, she is the kind of mare, that produces the stallion she is bred to.
Price: $2,800 SOLD
Congratulations to Erica Flagg, from the UK, on the purchase of this exceptional mare.

Hart's Fire Opal

This one year old brilliant red filly is sweet, intelligent, soft, and easy to handle. She shows tremendous speed, elegance, and balance in her gait. Gorgeous little type head, pretty as they come. Daughter of Nuncio’s Ozark Wildfire, sire of Rocky Mountain International Champion “Dollar”. Her dam is My Lucky Charm, my favorite mare to ride! See Charm’s photos on my website, under mares.
Price: $2,500 SOLD

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