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About Us

I grew up on a large cattle ranch in the outback country in Oregon, raised on good olí working cow horses.
Iíve been breeding horses for over 30 years, and many different breeds. Iíve had great success in raising high quality show horses, all the way to National Champions. I believe in breeding a good enough horse to compete in the show ring, but not limited to, they have a job to do. Itís a delicate balance to be able to breed and raise show winners, and an all around good trail horse. Itís important to me to have the best of both worlds.
First of all it takes a horse with a good mind, heart, good work ethics, and proper conformation, and most of all smooth strong gait, pretty is a bonus, and still part of the equation for a highly valued life time partner.
Check it out! I ride on extreme trails with all my horses barefoot. This breed has wonderful feet, if properly taken care of they need no shoes. I believe a horse should have the attitude of a caretaker; that is what a Rocky Mountain horse is all about. If you read the Rocky Mountain horse book by Bonnie Hodge, in Chapter 3 Interviews (Folklore and Legends), you will find out that this breed are proven care takers of their owners.
Out of all horse breeds Iíve encountered, The Rocky Mountain Horse is truly the most noble of horses. I canít say enough about this breed, they are what owning a horse should be all about. You donít have to worry if you are going to get hurt, they are truly the most kind and considerate breed and, to top it off, they are smooth to ride, along with gorgeous presence as they carry you on extreme trails.
This breed is Gentle, highly intelligent, very willing to please, sure footed, and comfortable horse with beauty and presence that turns heads wherever you go. I invite you to come see for yourself.

On Hart Mountain
Hart Mountain Horses • Cindy McDougal • Lebanon, OR 97355 • Phone (541) 619-2802
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